Most efficient server, miner, and chip cooling available.

Dielectric fluid cooling is rapidly being adopted in data center and blockchain networks as the premier cooling solution. Known for its highly efficient thermal conduction, use of dielectric fluid can drastically improve the power usage effectiveness (PUE) and data center infrastructure efficiency (DCiE) of small and large operations. But in order to fully achieve these benefits, thermal energy not only has to be efficiently absorbed, it has to be efficiently rejected.

Silver Linings Systems is equipped to provide design and application recommendations of standard and custom solutions to provide optimal heat rejection for varying thermal loads.

Whether you’re using immersion, chip, or two-stage dielectric fluid cooling, SLS has a solution available for you.

4-10 kW

20-100 kW

150-300 kW

400-700 kW


Silver Linings Systems has vast experience designing and collaborating with large scale data center operation in traditional and modular formats.

SLS has the design, manufacturing, and commissioning capabilities to effectively deploy your operation based on your current and anticipated growth needs.

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