Custom Built and On Time

Most companies who sell similar products simply assemble a collection of components, each purchased from multiple suppliers. Silver Linings Systems is a true manufacturer; we build almost everything we need for our products in-house, in cutting edge facilities shared with IEA. This gives us the flexibility to design, build and deliver custom products quickly and efficiently.

Engineered with the Bottom Line in Mind

Every Silver Linings Systems product is built to provide the largest ROI possible for our customers. Our engineering team is led by thermodynamic experts who strive to strike the right balance of quality and performance with up-front cost and future savings.

Strong Partnerships, Unmatched Precision

Before we put pens to paper, we sit down with the client to map out all of their requirements. This gives us a list of criteria to judge against as we design the smartest, most efficient product possible. By partnering directly with our customers throughout the design process, we maintain a sharp focus on an end-product that delivers the greatest return in shaping the future of success.

The Next-gen Data Center Design Solution™
The Data Center Solution "Warehouse"

Step into the SLS lab where we can use our tools and experience to create your optimally-managed data center solution or employ one of our standard, industry-proven products.

The Application Survey

SLS interviews project stakeholders to understand the goals and constraints of the project. Doing so puts the project on the fast-track to a conceptual design that can be made into reality.

The System Builder

The conceptual design is created using information gathered from The Application Survey to quickly confirm that all stakeholders are on the same path.

The Silver Linings Advantage

SLS applied scientists detail the performance efficiencies, protections, and capabilities of the concept.

The Silver Linings Solution

SLS engineers dial in the concept to deliver a precise solution that incorporates all of the feedback gathered from project stakeholders.

The SLS Delivery Experience

The final design is brought to life and validated, on-time and to spec, in SLS manufacturing facilities. Once completed, it is delivered to any customer-designated site along with optional installation services.

The Promise Fulfillment

SLS is committed to the project success and dependability, which is why follow-up communication and scheduled maintenance checks are routinely performed. Nobody has time for down-time.