The 21st Century Version of One of
Industrial Cooling’s Most Traditional Products

Proprietary fin design combined with staged fan operation produces exceptional Coefficient of Performance results.

IEA engineers applied their penchant for designing low operating cost industrial cooling products to the challenge of moving fluid coolers to a higher level of energy efficiency.

The result is a line of remotely-located, horizontal cross-flow heat exchangers featuring an exclusive low-fouling aluminum external fin producing an air flow pattern capable of high heat rejection with notably low energy use.

Augmenting the fin design is a second proprietary structure that dedicates individual fans to specific core sections, partitioning and sealing them to prevent the re-circulation of heated air already removed, avoiding redundant energy consumption.

The high efficiency profile of the fan blades allows fan speeds to be maintained at no higher than 1200 RPM, holding noise at ear-pleasing levels.  In addition, the fans automatically turn on and off in response to user set points and changing ambient conditions, ensuring the least amount of total running time is used in maintaining the desired levels of cooling.  Fans have sealed bearings, eliminating periodic service concerns.

Multiple units can be connected in parallel, set side-by-side or stacked, using quick and simple-to-apply power and liquid hook ups.  Output can meet cooling demands up to 210 tons.

Most Common Uses:

Water Cooled Chillers

Chilled Water Supply (Free Cooling)

Water Source Heat Pumps

Generator Cooling (Machine Jacket)

Most Frequent Applications:

Processing Plants

Steel Mills

Power Plants