The “Right Size” Answer…

for the “data center” that’s really more of a Server Room.

Just because your IT equipment fills only a rack or two… or even less… doesn’t mean it needs to be, or should be, stored in a closet behind the lunch room or in an otherwise abandoned office. Thanks to the flexibility of a Silver Linings Systems design, it no longer has to.Silver Linings Systems Rafts can be designed to enclose any amount or type of IT equipment, down to a single rack.

The space surrounding the equipment can be configured into any type of work area.

The HVAC system can be designed to operate using any source of cool air from chilled water to ambient “free” cooling.

A Server Room Raft can be designed to contain all the HVAC, electrical, environmental monitoring and control, fire suppression and UPS backup equipment required. So it can be located almost anywhere within your facility, and can be easily moved from place to place if and when a new home is preferred.

The efficiency of the Silver Linings Systems thermal control methodology allows for significant increases in IT kW density. Serves can be added…the types of servers can change…the mix of equipment can be altered…and the cooling components purchased with your original Raft will still maintain the proper operating environment, while holding energy usage to the lowest possible minimum.

With so little impact from obsolescence, any investment in Raft technology generates an exceptional ROI, due in large part to such an extended functional life.

How much more efficiently would your server room function if housed in a customized, purpose-built enclosure operating with a significant reduction in energy usage? It’s easy to start finding the answer. Use the Contact Us Form to send a short description of your current IT inventory and housing needs. We’ll send you some Raft concepts that are sure to be exciting.