Your Most Energy Efficient Spot Cooling Solution

Nothing Else Does What Thermodules Do: How They Do It…Where They Do It.

Thermodules™ are chilled-water based, air cooling modules designed for managing thermal environments where spot cooling needs present special challenges. They are Ideal for applications where space for cooling equipment is limited and it is essential that energy‐dense heat loads be properly cooled.


Their most frequent applications are in data centers and network operating centers, and for spot or zone cooling in work areas.

Thermodules can be placed exactly where needed, such as above drop‐ceilings, snug to a ceiling or between data center racks.

Providing cooling to a server room or small data center

Increasing productivity in work spaces

Making hard-to-cool office space livable

The main design features that allow this flexibility are

  • Small Unit Size: The Thermodule’s design produces exceptional cooling performance in units compact enough to fit conveniently within the confines of tightly arranged thermal loads
  • Versatile Operation: Thermodules can operate in almost any position, allowing the use of mounting options and methods that permit placement wherever needed.
Duct Extension
Directs hot air from another room or sealed area to the Thermodule core
Standing Mounting Kit
Mounts the Thermodule in a vertical orientation
Horizontal Mounting Kit
Mounts the Thermodule at or near any type of ceiling
  • Lightweight Construction: The materials and structural design enable quick installation with common hand tools
  • Simple Technology: Flip one switch for instant temperature control
  • Tightly Controlled Energy Use: The fans controlling air movement are thermistor controlled, turning on only when needed and running at speeds matched to the heat load. The net result is maximum energy efficiency and significantly lowered cooling costs.

How It Works

Air temperature of the controlled space is automatically measured using an integral thermistor.
As air temperatures rise, the speed of the fans increase, until at 80ºF they’re running at full speed
As the temperature within the controlled space is lowered, the fans speed modulates, until at 70ºF, the fans turn off.