Silver Linings Systems Data Center Modules Can Brighten Any Company’s Cloud.

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Upgrade a closet or empty office holding IT equipment into a fully functional server room
  • Even if your IT equipment fills only a rack or two… or even less… it still deserves the security and ease of access provided by a proper Server Room. The design flexibility and low cost of a single-rack Data Center Module makes that an economical possibility. The design flexibility and low cost of a single-rack Raft makes that an economical possibility. Learn more.
Choose either a Modular Data Center (with customized shelter structures) or Containerized Data Center (ISO-configured)
  • Modularity and Connectability are key to a primary benefit of a Data Center Module (DCM): Expandability. A single Standard DCM is approximately 1/4 the size of an ISO container. Buy just the space required for your immediate needs, knowing you can easily, quickly and inexpensively add on as needs increase.
  • Customized shelters can be designed for whatever Raft configuration you choose, or units can be installed within existing structures. Standard DCM's can even be housed in traditional shipping containers. DCM's can be stacked or placed side-by-side to make maximum use of the available space.
DCM's do not rely on existing computer room CARC systems to function.
  • Data Center Modules are individually powered and cooled cabinets custom-sized to hold the servers and complementary support equipment of your current IT system.
  • A Raft contains its own dedicated cooling system, automatic controls and fire suppression equipment.
Lowest initial investment for a professional data center structure
  • A Data Center Modules’ unique modularity and scalable interconnectivity make the units a cost effective platform for expanding data center capacity for companies of all sizes at all stages of growth.
  • You only need buy a DCM large enough to get your data center project started, then add capacity as your computing assets increase. Investment savings compound with each expansion. The ROI on your overall project is at its best.
  • Financial risk is minimized. Paralleling data center investment to actual business conditions eliminates expending current dollars based on forecasts, and frees funds for alternative uses.
  • Furthermore, even your “starter” DCM comes with an impressive expansion potential. On average, the thermal control system in a standard DCM has the capability of properly cooling up to 150% more wattage/square foot than was originally intended. Such expandability substantially lengthens the life of your initial investment and increases your flexibility in dealing with equipment upgrades.
  • The ability to fund data center growth incrementally also eliminates having to "do without" today waiting for future needs to justify a large scale investment. With DCM's, you can have a “right-sized” data center now, even if constrained by strict budget limits.
DCM's can house any brand and/or type of IT equipment
  • Data Center Modules don't care what kind or brand or mix of IT equipment you put in them; servers, switches, telephony, UPS. All are treated to a dependably cool environment in which performance is maximized while energy, maintenance and service costs are held to the minimum.
A DCM can be available up to 60% faster than conventional solutions
  • Even the most customized Data Center Modules can be delivered about 60% faster than comparable, ISO-style container alternatives... standard DCM's even faster. If a brick-and-mortar approach is your preference, DCM's can be used as quickly-acquired interim storage and then moved inside when construction is complete.
Standard DCM's are available in 180U and 225U configurations. Customized units to 250U.
  • Data Center Modules are available in a variety of standard units, as either singles or in combinations. Standard DCM's can hold either four 24" racks or five 19", with 180U and 225U capacities respectively. Up to 250U configurations are available and can be provided as ISO containerized data centers. Multiple assemblies can be arranged side-by-side or stacked.
  • DCM's can also be specially designed and built to accommodate unique applications.
    • One or more units can be sized to fit inside universal ISO containers.
    • Specialized housings can be applied, ranging from rugged, weatherproof, secure structures that protect units residing in the elements, to lightweight polymer or sheet metal coverings for those destined for life indoors.
    • DCM's can be shipped in "kit" form, for assembly on site within locations that present access challenges.
DCM's can deliver PUE as close to unity as physics will allow
  • Silver Linings Systems is a sister company to IEA, LLC, an industrial-grade cooling equipment manufacturer, not an IT products or container supplier. IEA's expertise and experience cooling large standby power generation systems produced a series of innovative solutions for cooling modular data centers... and reducing the energy costs to do so.
  • Each Silver Linings Systems product (Data Center Module and ISO-style container) is equipped with an on-board cooling system that can dissipate up to 50% more heat than conventional methods... with no increase in energy consumption.
    • How? A proprietary "augmented convective cooling™" design, plus specialized heat exchanger components, increases the heat removal efficiency of the air moving through the exchanger. It also targets the cooling air to only those areas of the equipment racks where it’s needed and only when it’s needed.
    • The result is less energy needed to hold IT equipment at appropriate temperatures.
  • Simply put; the same amount of air passing through a Silver Linings Systems product removes a lot more heat, saving you a lot more money.
DCM's are covered by the industry's only written Performance Guarantee... with recourse up to full-refund return
  • Data Center Modules will arrive at your location ready for servers or peripherals to be loaded and local power and utilities connected; or your equipment can be installed at our factory. In either case, all the DCM's performance requirements will have been tested and validated in our on-site calorimeter laboratory before the unit was shipped.
  • This validation process is so thorough that DCM's are the only modular data center products backed by a written Performance Warranty that guarantees each will meet all agreed-to customer performance specifications. Should any unit not meet this standard, remedies will be provided at no cost to the customer, up to the replacement of a faulty unit.