The First Modular Cooling Solutions from Experts in Industrial Thermodynamics Management

The products available from Silver Linings Systems have superior heat dissipation capabilities because of who designed them.

Not shipping container suppliers or companies steeped in air conditioning science or even electrical equipment distributors.

Silver Linings Systems products were created and built by engineers and manufacturing professionals with an in-depth understanding of how to cost effectively control large amounts of heat produced by dynamic sources operating in enclosed environments.

IEA LLC, from which Silver Linings Systems grew, has been serving the world’s most prominent industrial engine suppliers, such as Caterpillar, Cummins and MTU, with heat transfer products that combine performance and design elegance with value since 1985. Many of the products for which IEA radiators are specified consist of megawatt engines housed in ISO-style containers that are shipped around the world to serve as the primary major source of power for entire communities.  presenting heat dissipation challenges that dwarf those posed by stacks of IT equipment housed in a containerized data center.

The superior performance of Silver Linings Systems modules is the result of applying the extensive knowledge and perfected capabilities that experience with these outsized challenges have created.

A Manufacturer…not a fabricator

The majority of companies providing module products assemble a collection of components, each purchased from multiple suppliers, into their finished product.  Silver Linings Systems is a true manufacturer, building almost everything needed for its modules under its own roof.  This permits the flexibility, and timeliness, that can deliver modules sized and shaped to individual customer’s specific needs whenever necessary. It’s not a question of deciding which of several “standard” products comes closest to meeting the customer’s needs. It’s a process of designing and building an individual product that precisely satisfies all the customer’s requirements.

Businessmen disguised as engineers

The Silver Linings Systems team understands and addresses its customers’ primary concerns with every product produced, striving to deliver the largest ROI possible.  Our engineering team is led by thermal dynamic experts who think about the customer’s bottom line when applying their knowledge and creativity. They realize that quality and performance must coordinate with cost and the potential for future savings.

A continual challenge to outperform

The approach of the Silver Linings Systems team is to start every project by opening the design door and gathering all relevant information, thoroughly involving the client to ensure all needs and requirements are recognized and addressed. Ideas are put forth and evaluated in light of the established performance and cost criteria with those offering the greatest return potential retained and refined. The intensity of the design process maintains a sharp focus on what’s expected and achieves an end product that delivers the most for each dollar invested.

Working with Silver Linings Systems is an exciting and rewarding experience, culminating in the receipt of a product that justifies prideful ownership.