Latest Trade Show Experience Proves Worth the Investment

SilverLinings Systems booth at Data World
A look from the aisle at the SLS Data World booth. The tall display on the left was used to demonstrate the variable speed fan feature, which is at the heart of the Raft’s ability to lower energy costs. The monitor on the right showed a video that combined the SLS and IEA stories. Tom and James said the chairs really came in handy as the days wore on.

The newly charged business development team from Silver Linings Systems took their place among the participants at this year’s AFCOM (Association for Computer Operations Management) Data World trade show in Las Vegas, March 14th -17th. It was the first chance the SLS team has had to put the Raft™ product in front of the kind of highly diverse audience this show attracted, and the experience proved to be a fruitful one.

“You display at industry-specific shows in anticipation of developing solid customer prospects”, said Tom Overstreet, SLS’s newly installed Business Development Manager. “I have to say this show was definitely a “quality over quantity” experience...and for a salesman, quality wins out every time”.

Not only were those who visited the company’s booth an extremely knowledgeable group, but they also evidenced a clear interest in learning more about the Raft’s unique approach to improving the performance and lowering the cost of operation of data centers.

“You really had to know your stuff to keep the conversation going with most of our visitors”, said Overstreet. “But it was invigorating to have real industry experts challenge our claims of superior heat removal, greater PUEs and lower total cost of operation, and be able to substantiate those claims with hard facts”.

The team came away from the show with a heartening list of new names from a broad mix of opportunities, ranging from domestic and international firms, giants like Intel, smaller companies installing their first data center and others facing end of life issues with both equipment and structure.