Best ROI of Any Option

Lowest Initial Investment for Building or Expanding Your Data Center Facility

Eliminating Build-out Expenses Can Save More Than Silver Linings Modules Cost

Silver Linings modules can be designed in any size or shape, and they can also function in any location.

Many other solutions for housing racked IT equipment require building and/or renovating a large, protective structure, usually with raised floor airflow, and then cooling that structure as the means of cooling the IT equipment inside it.

Such an environmentally controlled, costly to build and maintain edifice is a redundant, and avoidable, expense when using Silver Linings modules.

Silver Linings modules are stand-alone enclosures. Each is equipped with its own fully functional cooling system. Just set the completed enclosures on whatever floor there is and plug them in the power and plumbing.

  • Modules can be placed inside existing buildings, such as warehouses, basements, factory floors, even sound-proofed office space (when your “data center” is more of an expanded “server room”), without concern over the environment within those structures. In such instances, light-weight enclosure coverings are adequate to contain air flow, holding down construction costs.
  • Modules can also be located in the elements, weatherized with a wide variety of exterior sheathings becoming, in essence, their own building.
  • Modules can be designed to move; on their own wheels, on flatbeds, on trains, in airplanes.
  • Completed modules can be shipped “ready to run”…with or without the user’s IT equipment already racked. Or, they can be shipped in component form, for on-site erection, stuffing and commissioning.

By eliminating the high costs and time required to build and/or renovate sheltering structures, the Silver Linings solution can often save more than it costs.

The “Right Size” Answer Reduces Your Initial Investment Even Further

A great data center investment would be a structure that can meet your current needs and still permit inexpensive expansion when future growth arrives.

That’s exactly the type of ROI the Silver Linings “right size” concept delivers.

With Silver Linings Rafts™ as the primary design component, we can build for you a data center or server room that fits what you need “right now”, and then add on as growth requires… without having to obsolete the initial structure. Even the inevitable improvements in server technology won’t depress your investment’s ROI. Because of its patented thermal management technology, a Raft can handle up to a 150% increase in kW usage without any upgrade in the thermal equipment.

Rafts are both “stand alone” and “plug and play”. An initial unit is designed to house current IT inventory. When that inventory increases, any number of additional modules can easily be connected to the first, with little or no interruption in service and for the lowest cost possible. Think “building blocks” to get a sense of the range of possibilities.

The Silver Linings solution can also reduce your initial investment by letting you avoid any need to “over build”, hoping to “grow into it. You can make a data center investment based on your business’ near term outlook rather than relying on distant future success to justify a larger expenditure.

The added economic flexibility frees a higher percentage of your IT budget to pay for the computing equipment itself, and much less to build the place to put it. Each subsequent investment increases the ROI of your total IT resource, brightening your bottom line year after year.

No more doing without

The ability to fund an in-house data center on an incremental basis also eliminates the problems caused by inadequate IT capacity, or the costs for third-party temporary support. Taking advantage of the Silver Linings approach, you can have the additional IT capacity you need now, even if constrained by strict budget limits.

Patented, Industrial Caliber Cooling Technology Outperforms Any CRAC or CRAH System

Each Silver Linings module contains its own on-board cooling system, using the most cost favorable methodology based on prevalent local weather conditions. The exceptional energy efficiency is produced by a combination of:

  • Highly efficient cooling air flows, created by our patented heat exchanger components, which can dissipate up to 50% more heat than conventional “air conditioning” systems with the same energy consumption.
  • Close proximity of the cool air sources to the IT equipment
  • Tightly confined air flow in and out of the hot and cold aisles within the Raft structures
  • Definitive electronic monitoring and control of cool air dispersion against the housed IT equipment, avoiding energy waste due to “overcooling” and equipment damage due to hot spots.

    The Silver Linings system is able to adjust its cooling responses to immediate variations in the IT equipment heat loads, eliminating the peaks-and-valley syndrome common with less precise methods and reducing the excess energy costs those methods generate.

The combination of these factors makes Silver Linings modules the least expensive, and greenest, to operate data center structures you can buy

Fill Racks with Any Mix of Brands or Types of IT Equipment

Silver Linings modules can house servers of different brands and varying U, storage equipment, switches, UPS or whatever else you might need to put into them. You retain the opportunity for increased equipment purchase price savings and to swap out equipment as situations dictate.

Silver Linings Systems Offers the Highest Potential ROI of Any Other Option Due to:

  • Lowest initial investment in a data center/server room that meets current needs
  • Continued low investment for additional units to accommodate growth
  • No need to obsolete existing units when adding expansion modules
  • No need to build or renovate buildings…including no need for raised floors
  • No loss of business efficiency or competitive advantage due to delays in expanding computing capacity
  • Lowest energy consumption per kW of equipment cooling required
  • No restrictions on brands or type of equipment housed
  • Fast delivery
  • Increased service efficiency and reduced servicing cost