Experts in the Art of Heat Control.
Low Initial Investment

Low Initial Investment

Structures sized and configured to meet specific user parameters and needs, whatever they are

Low Expansion Costs

Low Expansion Costs

Patented thermal control systems producing PUEs as close to unity as physics will allow

Low Operating Costs

Low Operating Costs

A design team that under-stands the responsibilities of data center management

35 Years of Turning Down the Heat

Silver Linings Systems is a targeted market division of a veteran manufactuer of cooling equipment used by the world’s major engine companies.

Our engineers apply both time-tested and leading-edge thermal dynamic knowledge and practices to creating cooling systems of unrivaled performance and dependability, specifically attuned to the dynamic needs of enclosed spaces.

When compared to less innovative and potent methodologies, a Silver Linings Systems solution provides:


Portable, expandable and affordable


Quick, convenient, Server Room upgrades

Data Center Capacity

Match data center capacity to the growth of your business

Energy Efficient

The most energy efficient thermal management system

Standard or custom

Standard or custom —
what’s right for your project


No “Product Line”
Individualized Products